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Fixture - Single

by Unicorns at Heart

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Fixture 03:40 video
It's out of order, but the beginning of the end was the middle so please see, I can't shake your hand when I am trembling But I’d wanted more plans Did I paint a fake picture? Were you ever a fixture? There wasn't much time, these things change so quick I felt like myself, it was making me sick I’m under my spell, I fell for my trick I can't think about you straight Now there's no point in dying I twisted your words into lying I’ve carried on long enough It's been long enough It's strange how I came into focus then faded My mind is the night, but my night is the day Inside's cold and blank, I’ve got nothing to say But how much more could you stand? No breaks when you are broken No words when you're unspoken Na na, na na na na na, la la la la


"Fixture" is Unicorns at Heart's debut single for Dangerbird Records' Microdose monthly music series.

"“Fixture” that sounds kind of like a meld of Mercury Rev, Grandaddy and Built To Spill. It’s a swaying indie-rock tune that never really reaches a massive climax, but rather grooves methodically for a few minutes while its melody worms its way into your head. The accompanying video is a montage of the band playing in various rooms that’s kaleidoscopically overdubbed with other pieces of random found footage; fish swimming, feet walking, and what looks to be closeups of microscopic organisms."

Get Alternative (

"“Fixture” appears to come and go with an unnoticeably quick ease. This sense of fluidity is predominant throughout every aspect of the track: its length, Rico Loredo’s swaying vocals, and the near absence of traditional structure in the song’s progression. Though the song contains three verses with semi-matching shorter phrases between them, “Fixture” doesn’t abide by a consistent rhyme scheme from one verse to the next. Additionally, the song’s melody isn’t aiming to reach a super defined, dynamic apex or create a singular aura of suspense and expectation of emotional relief."

American Songwriter (

"The song is a buoyant, expansive indie-rocker reminiscent of bands like Built to Spill and the Shins, with a twinkling piano and a thicket of guitar framing the tune’s slyly opaque lyrics. “I can’t shake your hand when I am trembling,” Rico Loredo sings, fretting about his own insecurities."

Bazz Bands LA (

"Fixture is Unicorns at Heart’s Dangerbird Records debut single for the Microdose series, a sprawling song of wiry guitar and bouncing piano. Somber melody brings calm before we’re met by the crashing chorus. You can check out the video clip for Fixture via YouTube below, which takes you through an alley into the bands practice space – the comfort of their garage."

-Culture Addicts (


released March 6, 2020

Written and recorded by Ryan Loredo and Rico Loredo
Mixing and additional recording by Andy Petr
Mastered by Mark Chalecki


all rights reserved



Unicorns at Heart Monrovia, California

We're like unicorns, but only at heart.

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